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Hello! Just a little introduction to me before I get started on Snape and the DOM. My name is Samantha, i'm 18 and from Florida. I wasn't always a Harry Potter fan, I saw the first movie and then fell head over heels for the books moreso then the movies. The books and JK Rowling's writing style, and the world of Harry Potter spark my intrests and this Community makes me glad, because there is somewhere to discuss something that most people I know do not share in my intrest.

Anyways, the topic at hand is Snape and the DOM, so i'll venture to that before I bore you all to a sudden death.

Snape is one of my favorite characters. I love his character and I think that he is one of the HP greats. I think there is more to him that meets the eye and I think that he'll come through for Harry in the end, or atleast, I hope he does. I wish that Mrs. Rowling will write more and more about Snape's past and what lead Snape to the roll he plays now because I found that intresting. In OoTP when some things were revealed about Snape's past with Harry's father and such, I was happy that she put this in the book and i'd like to know more and especially about what happened that made him in the end, switch sides.

Also, the Department of Mysteries totally sparked my intrest and I paid keen attention, if I do say so myself, to the details that were supplied to us. I was especially glad with the ways the inner office notes were flown around, because it's so much more convient then a simple phone call. lol. I do think it's run with a slight lack of security and order though and i'd like to see HOW the D.O.M deals with "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" and the 'breakin' so to speak in the coming books. I personally would wish they take a step up and jump on the ball, so to speak. The Department of Mysteries isn't my favorite place and although, intresting though - i'm curious to see how it has a part, if it does, in the coming 2 books.
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