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Essence Divided?

An exclusive HP book discussion

Essense Divided
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EssenceDivided is an exclusive Harry Potter book discussion community. We only accept the true, hard-core HP fans, who know there HP books. Each week there will be a new "Main Topic" which will be chosen by one of the moderators. Though, any member can start their own "Sub Topics".

We have no "ship" preference, and you will not be griped at for believing a "far-fetched" theory, as long as the theory is so far-fetched that we think you are making a joke and taunting other members.

If you think you have what it takes, email the maintainer(Ezugha@aol.com) today! You will be asked a few questions from the Harry Potter books before you are allowed to join.

Rules: Posts may not include immense profanities or innapropriate discussions. Posts are to be mainly about Harry Potter books. This is not the place to discuss your day at school, unless it is relative to the HP topic you are posting about.